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Goods & Goodies Gift Registry

Would you like to try a gift registry?  Whether you are planning the Big Wedding, a bridal or baby shower, Graduation Day, an Anniversary Celebration, a birthday party, or a Christmas Wish List, a Gift Registry may be for you.



A gift registry can make gift giving and gift receiving more practical and less awkward.  Have you ever known of someone to receive two or three toasters as a wedding gift?  What about trying to get a gift for that very particular aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent, husband, wife, son, or daughter?  A gift registry can help to minimize the number of unwanted or unneeded gifts given.

The potential gift receiver chooses ahead of time all the gifts he or she would like to receive.  In this case, the recipient will have approximately 3000 items to choose from (all found in our huge catalog) to create the list of gifts.

This list is then distributed to all the invited or expected guests (far in advance to allow time for all gifts to be purchased and delivered).  Then the potential guests -- for whatever the occasion -- may choose one or more gifts from the list in advance, purchasing them and having them delivered to them or to a special delivery address.

If someone attempts to purchase a gift that has already been purchased by another, the duplicate gift can be avoided in plenty of time before the special occasion.

A Gift Registry can be for one's self or for another.  In some cases, like a Christmas or Birthday Gift Registry for a child, the parents may want to keep secret what gifts are actually being purchased.  In the case of a Wedding Gift or Bridal Gift Registry, the gift receiver(s) may want to know what they still need to get for their new home and/or honeymoon.

If you are interested in starting a registry, please click on the button below to fill out a Gift Registration from.  To see samples of what items are offered, you may check my main web site at www.goodandgoodies.biz

At the Goods & Goodies web site check out any categories of interest by following their appropriate links.  Remember to bookmark (or add to your Favorites) this page so that you can come back soon.

If you are looking for a gift registry that is supposed to be here, click on the "Active Registries" button.  From the resulting web page you may click on a registry to see what gifts have already been purchased or you may purchase gifts for the recipient of that registry.


Note:  all registries listed here are open to the public.  When gifts are purchased online, the purchaser will check out securely using PayPal's secure web site.  If you do not have a PayPal account, it is easy to get one and best of all, it is free for the sender of money.  You may pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, eCheck, or Bank Account Transfer.  All you need is an email address.

Goods & Goodies also accepts Checks & Money Orders by mail, & Cash locally.  If you purchase one or more gifts and want to order by mail, I recommend that you email your order, order by telephone, or use the PayPal shopping cart to find out your total order cost (includes S&H).  You could then print the PayPal checkout page and mail it with your payment to Goods & Goodies (but cancel the order in PayPal).