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The Citizen

A custom warrior character by Luminos and modified by Old Warrior (2 September, 2007)

If you are looking for a warrior that you can customize to your liking, this just might be the one for you.

In my opinion, the game Warhammer Quest seems to be a bit more stereo-typical in its creation and development of warrior types than many role-play games.  I don't mean to say that this is bad or good; it is just an observation.  What I really mean to say is that most warriors just cannot develop according to any sort of personal plan or change of preferences along the way.  They were given all of their characteristic increases (in the Battle Level Table) and had random rolls done for a particular set of skills -- no real choices involved.

One character that changed this to a great extent was the Pit Fighter.  Here was introduced the ability of the player to choose what he would increase at each advancement of level with a certain number of Training Points to spend.  I think this is one reason why the Pit Fighter has become quite popular with many WHQ players.

Admittedly, the Witch Hunter, the Chaos Warrior, and the Halfling Thief all added quite a variety of possibilities for remarkably different developments in a warrior's career.  Also of note is the Elf Ranger Knight, which mixes magic spells and warrior skills and the possibility of changing careers in the midst of a warrior's life span.  But, all these examples involve the "roll of the dice" and not conscious choices on the part of the player.

Then Luminos created the custom warrior character called simply "The Citizen".  He took the Pit Fighter concept a little further and tried to apply the Training Points concept/method to a warrior who could choose not only whether or not to spend his points on skills, but also, which type of warrior's skills he would like to gain.  Mixed in with this idea is the fact that "The Citizen" might or might not be allowed or "accepted" into a certain training ground, guild or what have you.  Then, to make things a bit more realistic, the more often the Citizen visits certain places the more other places are likely to reject him.  The Citizen could train with the wizard's and gain knowledge of powerful spells, or he could train with the nobles and become a great swordsman.  He might like to follow the Pit Fighter's path for a while and gain extensive knowledge of fighting techniques, or learn with the elves and become more nimble.  The possible combinations seemed very appealing to me.

Here is a quote from the creator of the Citizen:

"The Citizen has no set restrictions or bonuses at all. He can gain specialty actions as normal, but has no predefined abilities or restrictions. Since the name "Citizen" simply denotes a kind of blank-slate character, a player would most likely give his character a title according to the skills and spells he has acquired. This can give rise to a nearly infinite number of new classes, all custom-made by the player."

I think Luminos' own words pretty well summarize this character.

There were however some issues I personally found difficult to resolve in the original rules for the Citizen.  Therefore, as I am likely to do on occasion, I decided to try to modify the rules to make the Citizen easier to train and to understand.  The resulting rules are a combination of Luminos' original and my additions and modifications.  I have added a Battle-Level Table as well -- similar to the Pit Fighter's.  At the top of the page, one will find a link to the original rules as well (also listed on my Custom Characters page).

The Citizen (version 2.0)

 I think it would be interesting to go into the dungeons with four Citizens, one or two having some magic with which to heal.  The Citizen didn't originally start with any skills or spells, but my modified version gives the player a choice of the type of skill or spell(s) set with which the Citizen may begin the game -- so that he is not too defenseless.


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