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Feature Number Two

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The Jaedai (Jedi) & Saedith (Sith)
custom warrior characters by Old Warrior (2 October, 2007)

I have labored long and hard to try to come up with a Warhammer Quest (Old World) version of a Force-using fighter type.  I don't care for bringing much high-tech stuff into a custom creation like this, so I tried to take the ideas of others (especially of Raven and Darkside) and added some of my own along with many modifications.

Because of some serious differences between the Jaedai and the Saedith, I have separated their rules into two documents, which now appear this way in the Custom Characters page of my website (Old Warrior's Stronghold).

The Jaedai

The Saedith

Note: Please keep in mind that the full rules -- especially the advanced ones -- are subject to change in the very near future as I am currently having these Force users tested in one or more games AND since some portions of their rules advanced rules might need some revision. 

I have tried to adapt as needed (in my opinion) many of the Wizard's spells and have added some new things as well - all to represent the "Force Powers" that a Jaedai or Saedith may learn and use in the Warhammer World.  For those afraid of the already over-powered Wizard of WQ, I have set various limitations upon both Force users AND have toned down or even totally excluded many of the Wizard's spells.

For instance, at the beginning of his career, the Jaedai may only choose between two of the very least of the healing powers available.

I have also introduced the concept of prerequisites to show that the Jaedai/Saedith must learn certain lesser and related Force Powers before learning the corresponding and more powerful versions (or related powers).  This is similar, though maybe not as systematic as was done in the spell lists of the Aes Sedai characters (six magic channeler types in one document!).

I am thinking perhaps of making a visual aid (or more than one) (added one below for the Jaedai's Healing Powers), a Force Powers Tree, to show the relationship between prerequisites and the powers requiring them.  This might be useful as a Force using warrior makes his choices at each training period in his career.

Following are some short summary statements about these special warriors:

The Force -- magical power used by the Jaedai/Saedith, which power grants life-giving, life-manipulating and life-taking abilities.  It is used in the game much the same as the Wizard uses his power to cast spells -- very much the same in many ways, but it can also be used to assist with some Power Sabre Skills.

The Jaedai -- a Force user who may major in the use of various Force powers in healing, healing and defense, special and defense, healing and special, or in any combination that his experience allows.  He may even try to become well-rounded in the use of all his available Force Powers.  Notice that he does NOT (strictly speaking) have any "Attack" Powers, though one or more of his Special and Defense powers may indirectly harm his enemies.

The Saedith -- a Force user who may major in the use of various Force powers in attacking, attacking and defense, special and defense, attack and special, or in any combination that his experience allows.  He may as well try to be well-rounded.  Notice that he does NOT (strictly speaking) have any "Healing" Powers, though some of his Attack powers will benefit his own health alone.

The Power Sabre -- a high-quality steel weapon imbued with magical power and is the Jaedai/Saedith's most-favoured weapon.

Advanced Power Sabres? -- though not very common, there are special Power Sabres that the Saedith and the Jaedai may at times obtain.... (read about these in the full rules...).

Power Sabre Styles -- Both the Jaedai and the Saedith may choose either of two Power Sabre Styles: Aggressive or Defensive. Each of these styles bestows significant benefits.  For instance, in the beginning of a Force user's career, the Defensive style grants the Parry skill and the Aggressive style causes more damage in general (including +1 wound caused on a successful hit and ignore non-magical armour on 6+ to hit).

Power Sabre Skills -- Both the Jaedai and the Saedith begin with the common Deflection skill while using their Power Sabres.  This skill includes not only the chance of deflecting projectiles, but also, the possibility of redirecting projectiles to hit the shooters!

But, this is only the beginning!  They may learn to cut through obstacles, to cleave through an opponent's toughness and/or armour, to batter down defenses, improve deflection, and to throw their power sabres, among other things.

Magic Using Monsters -- They are drawn to these force users like predator's to the prey and like moths to the flame!  For more details see the full rules.

Special Assignments:

Targets of Assassination -- The Saedith design that the deaths of certain of their enemies be carried out by Saedith warriors to prove their loyalty and to (of course) rid themselves of serious competition on the Dark Side of things.  (for more details see the full rules)

Enemies of Justice -- The authorities may at times give the Jaedai an enemy of justice to track down (usually resulting in the death of the enemy or of the Jaedai).  (for more details... well you know...)

A Sneaky Jaedai? -- Only if he has the Invisibility Force Power at his command may a Jaedai become sneaky.... See full rules....

Here is a Healing Tree/ Flow Chart for the Jaedai, which I completed soon after writing the original text for this feature:


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